JK Harris & Associates (JKH) years of experience in providing high value, customer-facing, results-driven services to the Federal Sector.  Putting IT in strict service of the mission, JKH ensures that each of our client’s business operations achieves the strongest possible alignment with mission goals, budget strategy and delivery demands.  Benefits include:

Aggressive acquisition strategies that map directly to today’s streamlined, cost-precise, performance-based acquisition environment
Rigorous performance-based contracting driven by our clients most stringent specifications and standards
Competitive sourcing for optimum program accountability, efficiency and cost-reduction
Proven Capital Planning strategies for stronger ROI, optimum cost and schedule goals, and measurable, defendable performance benefits
Robust financial management services that assist our clients in achieving long-range strategic planning goals, budget justifications, compliance requirements, and execution and outlay targets
Full program management lifecycle support to enhance agency mission accomplishment and implement complex and continually evolving mandates

 JKH engineers, deploys, and manages mission-critical solutions for government clients.  We help clients harness the power of information technology to improve mission performance, and provide customized, mission-critical solutions through advanced technologies, through strategic program planning, and through management services spanning the entire program life-cycle.  JKH designs, engineers, and implements complex enterprise infrastructures and integrated mission-critical applications.  We apply leading-edge authentication and encryption security technological solutions for real-world applications.