In the Community

communityGiving Back to the Community

As the community champion and advocate for small and large business, JKH leverages the talents and resources of its employees to improve economic opportunities for all. The JKH Community Project represents an executive-level commitment to providing the resources necessary for employees to have a measurable impact in their local areas. Since the early days of our company, JKH’s goal has been to create awareness of our community and to dedicate ourselves to contributing to its well-being.


Mission Statement
It is our mission to provide a clean, safe and positive environment for our youth to play baseball.  Our emphasis is divided between helping individuals develop physical skills and promoting lifelong skills such as self-esteem and sportsmanship.  We are committed to the development of motivated, intelligent and well-rounded young athletes.  We use responsibility and accountability to foster a sense of community and competitive baseball to enhance each child’s individual potential.


Zone Baseball/Softball is a Razor Shine Academy where we promote GOD…Family…Education…then ball.
We strive to:

  • PROMOTE education on and off the diamond
  • INCREASE self-confidence through skill acquisition
  • BUILD a community in which parents, players and coaches are responsible for each child’s success
  • DEMONSTRATE that people of diverse backgrounds can accomplish greatness through teamwork. 

 The Zone continues to evolve into one of the most dynamic youth baseball programs in the nation.  We hope that your family will join us as we fulfill our vision!


RBI Austin is an affiliate of Major League Baseball's Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities program (RBI) and serves youth ages 4 - 18 through free clinics, low-cost summer leagues and year-round mentoring.

Mission: Through long-term mentor relationships and baseball/softball, RBI Austin seeks to engage and develop inner-city Austin youth athletically, academically and spiritually, empowering them to lead the transformation of their communities.