Our Company Culture


Simply put, we gauge our success by the level of results we are able to help you achieve. This philosophy translates into a team based approach to every project, not only within our own organization, but also among our clients. By opening the door to finding fresh, forward-thinking, and creative solutions to business and technology problems, we are able to invigorate your existing work force while also expanding upon our expertise.

We hold no loyalty to an approach that dictates only pre-planned processes as the proper route to the best solution. You will find that our teams place greater emphasis on adaptability and empirical evidence than documents and status reports. Those types of documents can be fudged, but actual results cannot.

The founder is a creative problem solver, execution specialist, and fearless thinker. He has built JKH to mirror that approach by seeking out team members who are intelligent, thorough and committed to every client. As a whole, we are able provide you with a hand-selected group of exceptional listeners who apply our collective knowledge and capabilities to identify your needs and develop the right solutions.

Our goal is to develop a close, long-term working environment that fosters efficiency, trust, and accountability. Successfully reached, this objective creates equal levels of satisfaction for you and our people.