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JK Harris & Associates (JKH) is a minority-owned small business Information Management/Information Technology (IM/IT) consultant company specializing in aligning business processes with technology. Our expertise is in the areas of IM/IT, Data Analytics, Business Management, and Program Management, Operations, and Support. Our forte is customizing technical solutions, program and project management, facilitating collaborative and Subject Matter Expert workgroups for the Department of Defense, commercial industry, and small or large businesses. Our IM/IT experts emphasize collaborative requirement analysis, and rapid prototyping: a recipe for good business and software development. JKH, a premier Solutions Provider and Microsoft Partner, delivers world-class, internationally-focused custom software and business management solutions.

From initial evaluation to recommendation, implementation, and execution, JKH uses capital (people), state-of-the-art information technology tools (products), and in-depth domain knowledge (expertise) to implement key technology, data analysis and business process initiatives quickly and efficiently. We combine information technology, project management, analytics, and ingenuity into one exceptional company.


Business Process Re-engineering:

JKH helps Customers identify, analyze and improve their core business processes. Processes are top factors in the day to day operations of a successful organization. Mapping and streamlining these processes allows JKH to develop an efficient application or product to automate the organization’s operations. JKH analysis and design workflow and processes within and between organizations.

Compliant System Development and System Integration:

Enterprise Reporting and Data Mining:

Financial Services:

Health System Management:

Information and Database Management:

Product Development:

Program Management:

Project Management:

SAP Services:


Strategic Planning:

Mental Health Disorder Training: