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Low-code no-code integration

JKH provides consulting services, technical advice, and guidance to organizations that are deploying or optimizing Appian's low-code automation platform. Appian is a major developer of low-code software, which enables businesses to create business apps fast and effectively without having considerable coding knowledge.

Salesforce Integration Consulting

JKH offers Salesforce integration consulting services, which include offering expert advice and support to organizations wishing to combine Salesforce, a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform, with other business applications or systems. Salesforce is a robust platform that helps businesses manage customer data, sales processes, and marketing campaigns, among other things.

Product Development

JKH's product development consulting services include offering expert advice and help to organizations wishing to design and create new products or improve existing ones. The purpose of product development consulting is to assist organizations in developing creative and successful products that suit customer needs and generate business growth.

JKH works closely with you to deliver results-driven strategies that drive growth and success.

Our strategic consulting services help businesses navigate the complex world of software development, providing expert guidance on the best solutions for their unique needs.

Buisness process Re-engineering

JKH assists customers in identifying, analyzing, and improving their essential business processes. Processes are critical components of a successful organization's day-to-day operations. Mapping and simplifying these procedures enable us to create an efficient application or solution to automate the activities of the organization. We analyze and create workflow and processes both inside and outside of organizations.


Complaint System Development and System Integration

Designing and building mission-critical systems and applications is a typical task. Customers have complex needs, issues, technology, and requirements. Furthermore, the system must function effectively when deployed, as well as be practical to maintain and cost-effective to improve if necessary. JKH's Systems Development and Integration expertise understands the complexities that our clients confront while designing and building technological solutions.

Our approach to system development combines our talents with a thorough grasp of our clients' missions, process improvement requirements, and business process management goals. We have an unrivalled track record of building and executing complex systems that suit our clients' needs.

Enterprise Reporting and Data Mining

JKH finds the correct data assets for your business process. Data mining is one of our core competencies, and it is supported by our extensive knowledge of the data and data sets.


Our Guiding Principles for Success

Our values are the foundation of everything we do. Discover the principles that guide our company and drive our success.

Commitment to Client’s Success

Serving clients is the reason that JKH exists. Client service will be central to our thoughts and actions, and we strive to exceed our client’s expectations.

Commitment to Each Other’s Success

We work to assist and provide support to colleagues wherever possible. We develop and maintain the respect and trust of others. We contribute to our common goals and common success for ourselves and our clients.

Commitment to our Community

We actively look for opportunities to serve our communities and families, and feel a responsibility to make our communities better places to work and live.

Responsible and Accountable Leadership

Achieving our vision and aggressive goals depend on the strength and depth of our leadership capabilities. To continue on our course of growth and market success.

Teamwork and Collaboration

We work to serve clients and each other as a team, basing our decisions and actions on what is best for our clients and company.

Integrity in our Actions

We uphold the highest professional standards, provide sound counsel to our clients and are completely open and honest with each other.

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